Thieves Oil – Flu Shot in a Bottle

As moms of small children, I think we can all agree that kids are germy little petri dishes. Since our little one started group daycare at 17 months, it seems like at least one of us has been sick pretty much non-stop. What we thought were strong immune systems have been no match for toddler sicknesses. And then, we discovered Thieves oil. About 4 months ago, we started rubbing a drop of Thieves on all of our feet each night at bedtime. And guess what? For four months straight we managed to avoid colds, coughs, hand foot and mouth, a summer camp full of new germs, green snotty noses… we were exposed to them all, but none of us got sick. 

Then this week our daughter came down with what seemed like the flu. Apparently it’s “going around” at her school. We immediately bumped up our oil routine – Thieves on her feet every four hours and in the diffuser all day and night, diluted peppermint down her spine and in her armpits throughout the day for fever, and some diluted DiGize on her belly for nausea. In less than 48 hours, she was back to normal. No meds. Less than 24 hours of fever. Lots of Peppa Pig. Relatively painless.

Apparently several other kids have been out for 3 or 4 days with the same bug, so we feel incredibly lucky that she recovered so quickly. Lucky to have amazing essential oils to combat yucky illnesses. And lucky that my husband and I were able to keep ourselves well (with Thieves and Oregano capsules,) so that we could care for her without the fear of getting sick ourselves.

Thank you, Thieves! 



Why Young Living?

As someone who is new to essential oils, you probably have a lot of questions. Trust us, we did too! So with our very first blog post, we’re going to answer what is probably THE most common newbie question…

“Of all the oil companies out there, why did we choose Young Living?” Well, we’re so glad you asked!

In a nutshell…

  • Young Living is the only essential oil company that owns their owns almost all of their own farms, & has super stringent regulations for their partner farms.
  • They are the only oil company with a “Seed to Seal guarantee, which allows them to confidently say that their oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade.
  • Young Living is involved in and in control of every step of the process – the soil selection, the seed sourcing (no GMO seeds are used, EVER), the water and type of pesticides used (they use neem oil & essential oils only).


  • Their harvest methods are thoughtfully chosen based on what will deliver the best yield for each specific crop – some are harvested by hand, some by tool, some by machine; some in the am, some at night.


  • Their farms have distilleries either on-site or within a very short distance, so from harvest and distillation is only a very short amount of time.
  • Their distillation method – steam distilled & only distilled one time – ensures an end result of the highest quality, therapeutic-grade essential oil.
  • Young Living reduces, reuse & recycle as much as possible, and composts their own farm waste.
  • Young Living pays their farm hands fair wages.
  • All of Young Living’s employees receive free oils.
  • They subsidize schools in Ecuador and Somalia, and they have a non-profit branch of the business for people in need.

All (yes, ALL) other oil companies buy their oils from other sources, and that means they can’t oversee things as stringently as Young Living does. Most of the farms they have in the US have opportunities for the public to visit & work on the farms to see how they are run. No other oil company can do that. So, while other companies might claim to have a certain labeling for their quality and purity, we wondered how they could really guarantee it if they’re not part of the entire process? The reality is that they can’t. So when it came down to choosing the oils that we rub on our sweet little babies bums and our furry friend’s paws, we chose Young Living. And we hope you do too. <3


Now it’s your turn… what is the #1 ailment YOU hope to remedy with essential oils?